DTi device technologies Product portfolio for the protection of critical electronic systems.

  • Powerful and cost saving cable protection solutions
  • High quality and performance seals for doors, windows, machines, vehicles etc.
  • Selected materials for special environments (heat, cold, flammability protection, low smoke and toxicity)
  • Unique needs can be met with fast design customization


Key benefits to the End User

  1. Best in class performance.
  2. Saves 49% of total install costs
  3. Improves overall task productivity by 9.5x
  4. Improves Safety – no toxic glue/solvents

Spring-Fast grommet edging offers best in class performance while lowering total install costs by 49% and raising productivity for that task by a factor of 9.5X while eliminating H&S concerns. 



Key benefits to the End User

  1. Improves productivity by allowing for rapid modification of existing rack systems.
  2. Improves efficiency by organizing fiber, cables & tubing for easy install & access.
  3. Ensures data flow by protecting cables from microbends.

Fast-Drop radius control modules raise productivity by allowing rapid modification of existing rack systems, improve efficiency by organizing fiber, cables and tubing for easy install and access as well as protecting data flow by preventing microbends.



Key benefits to the End User

  1. Protects vital equipment from damage from environmental conditions by meeting critical industry standards
  2. Improves efficiency with high long term performance and a multi axis flexible fit.
  3. 100% USA content(for international companies)
  4. 100’s of profiles available COTS

Seal-Fast door seals and edge trims protects equipment from environmental damage by meeting critical industry standards while saving you time and money with multi axis flexibility and long term high performance. 100’s of profiles are available off the shelf and is 100% USA produced for those companies that need to meet US content requirements.



Protect-Fast™ Advanced Specialty PFA Series 

The Protect-Fast™ Advanced Specialty PFA Series offers cable and wire protection sleeving made of specially flame retardant Nomex® material for particularly demanding high heat and intense flame conditions. NMX sleeving protects under intense heat and provides thermal stability up to 662°F (350°C) and is halogen-free.

Tough and lightweight, as well as soft and flexibel, Protect-Fast™ Advanced Specialty PFA Series products protect cables, hoses and wire harnesses from injury, cutting and abrasion….
The Protect-Fast™ Advanced Specialty PFA Series includes efficient solutions for easy installation. Depending on your requirements, we can supply pre-cut lengths from the factory or yard goods that can be cut to the desired length by the customer by simply cutting with scissors.


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